Mixed Martial Arts in Beaumont

Our Mixed martial arts (MMA) program is perfectly suited for individuals looking for practical defense or to succeed in professional competitions.

MMA training is divided into 4 classes for maximum effectiveness: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for ground control and submissions, Judo for throws, Muay Thai for striking, and Kickboxing for overall conditioning. Classes take place in a controlled environment with responsible training partners.

Fitness Goals

Learn techniques for combat sports
Gain real world self-defense skills
Develop a well-rounded fight strategy

Students will need to complete 10 classes before they are eligible for live sparring.


Ground Game Training

Our gym produces well-rounded fighters with no-gi jiu-jitsu which is better suited for self-defense in the cage and in real-world scenarios. By mastering gi-free grappling, fighters gain the ability to control and submit opponents as well as escape from challenging positions. Whether in the clinch or on the mat, the versatility and effectiveness of ground techniques make jiu-jitsu an indispensable tool for any MMA fighter’s arsenal. Discover the transformative power of no-gi grappling in elevating your MMA game.

Advanced Skills

Learn modern techniques
Gain real world self-defense skills
Develop confidence on the ground


Improve Hand Skills

To excel in MMA, consistent training and a strong foundation of standup techniques are essential. Learning proper form, footwork, and striking techniques under the guidance of experienced instructors maximizes the effectiveness of your training. Our gym offers Muay Thai and Kickboxing to individuals looking to develop their fighting skills, improve performance, and increase confidence in the cage.


Become A Champion

10th Planet students regularly win at local fight events and we have also produced a fighter who was featured on the main card of the UFC. All of our programs teach students the necessary skills to protect themselves in the ring and in real-life situations.

Adults can compete in tournaments and earn a spot on the podium. Wins in sports like jiu-jitsu look great on college resumes!

Students are expected to go through advanced training and receive nutrition assistance before an instructor signs off on amateur and professional promotions.


The History of MMA

The concept of pitting different fighting styles against each other gained modern popularity with the inception of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in 1993. Early UFC events, known as “no holds barred” or “vale tudo” fights, featured competitors from different martial arts disciplines testing their skills in a no-rules, no-weight-classes format.

As MMA gained recognition, the sport evolved, and rules were implemented to ensure the safety of the athletes. The introduction of weight divisions, time limits, and banned techniques transformed the sport into a regulated and respected athletic competition.

MMA organizations emerged worldwide, promoting their own events and showcasing a diverse range of fighting styles, including striking, grappling, and submission techniques. The best modern MMA practitioners learn a mixture of ancient and modern combat sports to become well-rounded fighters.

Today, MMA has become a global phenomenon, attracting millions of fans and producing world-class athletes. The sport continues to grow in popularity with major organizations hosting high-profile events featuring elite fighters from around the world.

MMA has proven to be a dynamic and ever evolving sport, blending various martial arts disciplines into a thrilling and technical competition that captivates audiences and showcases the incredible athleticism and skill of its participants.

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