Law Enforcement and Correctional Officer Training in Beaumont

Our gym is dedicated to equipping peace officers, law enforcement personnel, and correctional officers with essential self-defense tactics and skills. We understand the unique challenges and risks these professionals face in the line of duty, and our specialized training programs are tailored to meet your specific needs. Our mission is to provide the most effective skills and tactics to confront, defuse, control, and de-escalate situations.

Course Focus

Hand-to-hand & Tactical training
Restraining and cuffing techniques
Increase weapon retention
Prepare for various scenarios

Individual training and group programs are available. Invest in your own personal security and professional development by enrolling in our specialized self-defense training programs today.



The strength, endurance, and agility necessary to fend off an attack from a criminal or violent inmate may mean the difference between life and death. Our training program not only pushes you to maximize your skills, but also to maintain high standards throughout your career. If you have special training needs, contact us to customize a class to meet your needs.

Martial arts skill are often make the difference in an an encounter between the police and a potentially hostile perpetrator of crime.

Our goal is to enhance your overall safety and security by developing your instincts, sharpening your decision-making abilities, and promoting effective communication and de-escalation strategies. We firmly believe that a well-rounded approach to self-defense is essential for peace officers and correctional officers to navigate their demanding roles with confidence and effectiveness.

An African American woman wearing kickboxing gloves punching a bag

Law enforcement and correctional officer training in martial arts refers to the practice of incorporating martial arts techniques and principles into the training curriculum for law enforcement officers and correctional officers. The aim is to equip these professionals with additional skills and knowledge to enhance their ability to handle various situations they may encounter while performing their duties.

The inclusion of martial arts in their training is based on several reasons:

The specific martial arts styles incorporated into law enforcement and correctional officer training can vary depending on the agency’s preferences and resources. Commonly included styles may include:

It’s important to note that while martial arts training can be beneficial for law enforcement and correctional officers, it should be supplemented with appropriate training in conflict resolution, communication skills, and de-escalation techniques. The primary goal of incorporating martial arts into their training is to ensure officers are well-rounded, capable, and able to protect themselves and others while maintaining their duty to serve and protect the community.

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