Hosien Z.

June 22, 2016

This gym is easily the best place to train no gi jiu jitsu in the southeast Texas area. Not to mention the kickboxing and mma programs are excellent as well. It’s a wonderful facility with tons of mat space.

The instructors are extremely knowledgable and super supportive and helpful! Also, the mats are cleaned every day after practice which is awesome! The atmosphere is super friendly and all the students help each other get better at this combative martial art.

The program is absolutely the best option to help you lose weight, because it’s so fun you don’t even realize you’ve exercised so much. Also you’re learning a valuable and dominant form of self defense that can help you survive and function during any possible form of violence in the streets. (Hopefully you won’t have to use it; but it’s better to know how to handle yourself and not need it than the other way around.)

As I mentioned before, everyone is super supportive and helpful of each other. And if you’re nervous about coming in and getting “roughed up”; that is absolutely not the case. Beginners start slowly and everyone is mindful of new students. Also, the instructors never put a “spotlight” on students which can make some people self-conscious. Instead, the instructors show everything in detail and answer questions. Then you break into groups of 2 and practice the move.

That being said, this is an excellent sport to get involved with a friend!

Hosien Z.