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10th Planet jiu jitsu Beaumont is committed to offering innovative martial arts classes tailored to the needs, goals and experience level of each student. With classes for both children and adults, beginners and seasoned competitors, our school offers something for everyone.

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Explore our world-class training systems, incredible instructors, and learn about opportunities for children!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Beaumont

Full body shot of two 10th Planet Beaumont students practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu X-guard, one male and one female. Learn More

Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Beaumont

Children learn skills in jiu-jitsu class that translate to other areas of their life. Learn More

Mixed Martial Arts in Beaumont

Two short haired, mixed race male fighters boxing wearing MMA gloves in a martial arts cage. Learn More

Why Choose Us

Discover exceptional jiu jitsu and martial arts training systems led by incredible instructors, and explore opportunities for children!

our calendar has flexible schedules


Add an exciting new dimension to your workout routine while learning effective self-defence. Our martial arts classes provide a fun way to get in shape and burn fat. Gain strength, endurance, flexibility, and coordination through a healthy fitness Routine.

reach your martial arts fitness goals


Martial arts is known to increase mental awareness, physical stamina, and reduce stress. Studies also show it boosts self-confidence and teaches kids and young adults respect and integrity.

use martial arts to engage your mind


Our martial arts programs are held during the evenings. We also have mid-afternoon classes for that perfect Lunchtime workout!

From out of town but still want to get your training in? No problem! Call for drop-in rates.

we have a safe and clean environment


We strive to provide a safe, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for all students. Our programs accommodate everyone, regardless of age, gender, or experience level.

10th Planet Beaumont is committed to your health and well being. We sanitise surfaces regularly and clean the mats between classes to prevent the spread of diseases


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