Our wonderful training partners are the reason we’re in business. Read below to discover great things about training at 10th Planet Beaumont. These testimonials will get you excited to start or continue your martial arts journey with us.

  • William J. Paternoster II
    Brian is a great instructor who explains the techniques so well. His students are super humble and great to roll with [...]
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  • Li Ren
    I had the opportunity to attend a seminar taught by Brian, and it was an awesome experience [...]
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  • Ashley Ranae
    You won't regret the experience. Today was awesome, I learned some game changers. Being a female, I recommend him even more [...]
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  • Tori Applegate
    Awesome facility and the best guy around to teach you 10th Planet. Very skilled in breaking down the details of the technique he is teaching [...]
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  • Nick Burch
    10th Planet Beaumont has too notch instructors complimented by a fantastic facility. After taking their kick boxing and jiu-jitsu classes [...]
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  • Brad Coles
    I traveled from Canada to train with Brian Debes and the 10th Planet Beaumont crew. It was worth every penny [...]
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  • Jared Lopez
    Was at 10th Planet for the Eddie Bravo seminar a while back and the crew here were very friendly and accommodating [...]
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  • John Constantine
    I travel for work so I have to look for a local gym to roll at pretty regularly. Really friendly, humble [...]
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  • Amador Barraza
    Beautiful facility. Extra clean. A Friendly and safe environment great coaches/teachers ... can't wait to visit this school again [...]
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  • Dianna Muñiz Green
    My children loved it. Wonderful people.
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  • Chelsea W.
    The classes are great and everyone is friendly. They teach Brazilian jiu-jitsu, competition and fitness kickboxing, MMA, and Judo. Kids 8-12 are also welcome to train at the facilities [...]
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  • Hosien Z.
    This gym is easily the best place to train no gi jiu jitsu in the southeast Texas area. Not to mention the kickboxing and mma programs are excellent as well [...]
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  • Lindsey Darby
    I have been attending this gym for nearly 2 years now, and have loved every second. I had absolutely no knowledge of jiu-jitsu before I started [...]
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  • Michael Dewitt Jr.
    10th Planet Beaumont is a beautiful and clean facility. The staff of instructors are very knowledgeable and extremely talented [...]
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  • Allen Poveda
    Warm and inviting atmosphere, Brian is VERY knowledgeable and willing to help out any beginners pick up and join in the classes routines [...]
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  • Lindsey McCaghren
    This is one of the nicest facilities I have ever been to. Very clean with a HUGE mat space. And the instructor, Brian Debes, is an excellent teacher [...]
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  • Brandon Patrick
    Brian Debes is an excellent coach who possesses a talent for explaining complex information in a way that is simple and accessible to students [...]
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  • Brandon McCaghren
    Easily one of the nicest, cleanest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academies I have ever been to. If you live in this area, I really feel that you'd be doing yourself a disservice by not stopping in [...]
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